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waikato / te arawa / mataatua





Mike has built a remarkable career spanning nearly 30 years as a cameraman, director of photography, and director, contributing to television and film. Throughout his journey, he has garnered recognition for his outstanding documentaries and short films.
One notable aspect of Mike's expertise is his ability to serve as a one-man team, proficient in both shooting and directing. While he values collaboration and teamwork, certain projects necessitate a single-person operator.

At Haka Boy Films, Mike and his team are equipped to handle projects of any scale, accommodating various budgets. While budget considerations are important, Mike believes that sometimes the power of a story surpasses financial constraints. He is deeply passionate about Māori storytelling and how each kaupapa (topic/theme) impacts his people. This passion drives him and his team to bring a unique perspective to every project they undertake.

Whether working with a team or operating solo, Mike's dedication to Māori storytelling and his ability to adapt to different project requirements make him a versatile and talented filmmaker
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